Retirement Saving

Retirement saving is a much sought and discussed subject in our time. It is said that retirement assesment is never too late though ideal if you start it at very young age. Retirement is the ultimate reality that happens to a working professional and it should be the most enjoyable phase of an individual. Effective retirement assesment gives individual a benefit to retain their financial independence even after their work life. Thus, retirement assesment is as important as your education and marriage. We must understand that future largely depends on the choices that we make today. An individual will be able to maintain high standards of living with the help of effective retirement assesment.

Retirement saving involves wealth accumulation, which calls for planning your future financial needs and security. We design portfolio that reduces risk and yield good returns.

The steps to planning for a comfortable retirement

What you can do to achieve your retirement goals?

  • If you start early, you can build large corpus for retirement. It is a myth that one should start saving for retirement when you are 40 plus. Remember the power of compounding!
  • Define your need and financial objectives.
  • Diversification and optimal asset allocation in accordance with one’s risk appetite is a key to successful financial and retirement planning.
  • Review your plan at regular interval to ensure you are on track.

We also provide Pension Planning Services
Our pension planning services has been specially created for pensioners or those seeking a regular income from their portfolio. The objective of this portfolio would be primarily capital protection and an inflation adjusted income. The portfolio is designed keeping in mind three things which are key essentials :

  • The portfolio generates a steady regular income.
  • The quantum of income gradually increases over time in order to counter the rising cost of living
  • In case of an emergency, the portfolio provides easy liquidity.
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